IN-DOME open game project

creature models for open game project IN-Dome
-Blender Game Engine 

-Project founder and lead developer Adrians Netlis
IN-Dome Blenderartists 
project not completed and stopped!!

Infuse creature concept sketch

Owl King game character

Owl king character -wip

concept sketch

Older concept artworks

Egypt Homeyard project

This is a project I'm working , it has to be interactive walk, how people lived in a wealthy family at the time of the pharaons
...still in the development phase
-screenshots from Torque 3D MIT engine 


Operation WEASEL game

Game for BGMC 16 contest on Blenderartists forum
...still in the development phase.
Operation Weasel on Blenderartists  

Older 3d/2d works

creature head concept sculpt

Blender sculpt